Sending FIX

Sending FIX

Click on the “Send” tab on the left side of the wallet and you will see the section of the wallet which lets you send your FIX to others. If you would like to include the more advanced options of Coin Control, go to Settings > Options > Wallet and select Enable coin control features.

The most important parts of the Send tab are the fields where you enter the FIX recipient information:

The Pay To” field contains the recipient address of your FIX.

The Label” field contains the label for the sending address that will receive your FIX.

The Amount” field will contain the amount of FIX you want to send.

Let’s tackle the “Pay To” field first. The three buttons next to it allow you to manage your sending addresses list, copy paste an address from the clipboard or clear all the sending fields.

The left-most button opens the sending addresses list where you choose your sending address. (NOTE: you can also enter a recipient address in the "Pay To" field that is not in your address book, if necessary.)

The middle button pastes recently copied text from the clipboard into the “Pay To” field. Make sure to double-check the address for accuracy.

The right-most button deletes information from all fields if there is only one payment recipient OR removes the last payment recipient if there is more than one.

Choosing your sending address:

To do that you have to access the window for choosing sending addresses. You can either:

  • go to File > Sending Addresses, or

  • click on the left-most button next to the "Pay to" field in the Send tab.

To choose an address you can either double-click on an address line or select one and click the “Choose” button at the bottom right. The window will close and the “Pay To” field and “Label” field (if you chose a label for the address) in the Send tab will be filled.

Adding a new sending address: The “New” button lets you add new sending addresses: Just fill in the “Address” field with the sending address and the “Label” field with the recipient name and click “OK”.

It’s a good idea to choose labels for your sending addresses so you know to whom you are sending your FIX to. In addition double-check the sending address to be 100% sure your intended recipient receives your FIX.

The “Copy” button copies the chosen sending address to the clipboard: Just click on an address to highlight it and choose “Copy”.

The “Delete” button deletes a chosen address. Click on an address to highlight it and choose “Delete”.

You can do the above by right-clicking an address line as well. This also lets you edit the label of an address.

Now that you have chosen the sending address, you are back at the Send tab with both the address and label fields filled:

All that you need to do now is fill in the “Amount” field with the number of FIX you want to send and click the “Send” button at the bottom.

If you want to send FIX to more than one recipient, click on the “Add Recipient” button at the bottom, and a new set of empty fields for sending information will appear.

If you would like to remove all the information, the “Clear All” button will delete all entered details and a new set of fields will appear.

To continue the payment, click the “Send” button and a confirmation window will pop up. All the sending information including the amount of transaction fees you will have to pay are displayed.

This step cannot be reversed. You must be completely sure that your sending information (address and amount) is correct!

Verify that the information is correct and click "Yes” to send your FIX.

You can now see your "Sent to" transaction in the Transactions tab:

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