Nodehub instant masternode setup

Setting up your masternode on Nodehub

Create your account on the NodeHub website.

Then click on "Dashboard" and search for the FIX currency.

Select it by clicking on it. This will open a page where you choose the type of setup you wish to do.

Choose the "Nodehub Cloud" option and the "Advanced" option then click "Let's start".

You need the following prerequisites to set up your masternode:

  • 1,000,000 FIX (plus a few more to cover the transaction fees)

  • The official FIX wallet installed on your computer

  • Enough balance in your NodeHub account

The Nodehub page requires you to input your Collateral Transaction ID.

To get it, you have to make a payment to yourself first:

Open your local FIX wallet and open the "Receive" tab by clicking on "Receive" button on the left side of the wallet.

2. Click inside the "Label" field and write a name for your masternode address. This is important so you know which masternode is receving a reward. We used "Masternode 1" for this example.

Click the "Request payment" button to open a new window and assign the name you chose to this address.

Now click on the "Copy Address" button in the opened window to copy the address into the clipboard.

Navigate to the "Send" wallet tab by clicking the "Send" button on the left side of the wallet.

Now click inside the "Pay to" field and paste your masternode address by pressing "Ctrl + V". The "Label" field will now contain your chosen masternode name.

Afterwards, click inside the "Amount" field and enter EXACTLY 1000000 (one million).

Double-check that the amount is correct and press the "Send" button at the bottom.

A new window will open asking you to confirm the transfer after you press "Send". If your wallet is encrypted you will be asked for your password before the window below appears. Enter it, and press ok.

Click on the "Yes" button to start the transaction.

Open the Transactions tab in your FIX wallet by clicking on "Transactions" on the left side:

Now double-click on the latest transactions labelled as "Payment to yourself".

A new window will open with your transaction details:

Now select the ENTIRE Transaction ID with your mouse, press "CTRL + C" to copy it to your clipboard, and press the "Close" button to close the window.

Now go back to the Nodehub website and paste the Transaction ID into the field marked below and click "Deploy".

After entering your transaction id and deploying the masternode on the website, open the Masternode configuration file by clicking on Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File.

Copy and paste what the page tells you to into this file.

Save the file, close it, and CLOSE your FIX wallet.

Start your FIX wallet again.

Click on "Masternodes" on the left side to go to the “Masternodes” tab.

Now wait for your wallet to sync completely (the progress bar at the bottom should be either at 100% or not visible anymore), and right click on your Masternode and click: "Start Alias".

That's it, your masternode is running now.

Making a deposit to Nodehub

Click on Billing in the top row.

Then select the payment method in the cryptocurrency you prefer. The example below is for Bitcoin but you can choose any of the available cryptocurrencies.

Generate the wallet address for your deposit and send the desired amount to the generated address.

The first MN reward The average time it takes to receive the first reward is calculated in hours with the formula millions_locked_before_your_MN_is_enabled*2.6/60. At the time of writing the total number of millions that are locked in MNs is 2,500 million, so 2500*2.6/60=108.33 hours or approximately 4 days, 12 hours and 20 minutes.

That's it, you've succesfully funded your Nodehub account.

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