Using the wallet

This page will offer a general overview of the individual wallet tabs.

The Overview tab

There are three areas of interest in this tab: “Combined Balance”, “FIX Balance” and “Recent Transactions”.

  • The “Combined Balance” area shows the absolute amount of FIX you own.

  • The “FIX Balance” area shows the amount of FIX currently available for transactions and (if present) an amount of immature FIX from staking rewards, which have to age for a certain period of time before they are added to your available balance.

  • The “Recent Transactions” area shows your last transactions and received stakes with timestamps.

If a transaction or stake is [within square brackets] it doesn’t have enough confirmations yet for it to be available for transfer.

Incoming and outgoing transactions need 6 confirmations, incoming stakes need 61.

  • You can find out how many confirmations a transaction or stake has by hovering your mouse over it:

The Send tab

This tab lets you send your FIX to others. It's covered in detail in the Sending FIX section.

The Receive tab

This tab lets you generate receiving addresses and payment requests. It's covered in the Receiving FIX section.

The Transactions tab

This tab displays your history of incoming and outgoing transactions. You can filter and sort them with the help of drop-down menus and search boxes and export them into a .csv file by clicking the “Export” button in the lower right.

The Masternodes tab

The “Masternodes” tab lets you monitor and start your FIX masternodes. Its usage is covered in the Fix Masternodes section.

It is not visible by default and has to be turned on in the options. Click “Settings” in the menu bar, then “Options” and finally the “Wallet” tab. Tick the “Show Masternodes Tab” and click “OK”. You must restart the wallet for the tab to show up.

The Shop and Statistics buttons

The Shop button directs you to the FIX shop (

The Statistics button directs you to the FIX Network explorer (

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