Receiving FIX

When you want to receive FIX or look up your addresses, click on the Receive tab on the left side of the wallet.

To receive funds you must provide the sender with the receiving address to send it to. Receiving addresses are generated by the wallet itself.‌

When you want to receive a payment, all you have to do is generate a receiving address:‌

Click on the “Receiving Addresses” button on the right side of the Receive tab.‌

A pop-up window will appear where you can generate receiving addresses:

You can also access the window by going to File > Receiving addresses.‌

Click on the “New” button to generate a new receiving address. Filling in the “Label” field is optional but a good idea to keep your wallet organized. The address is generated automatically:‌

Click “OK” after you are done and you will be returned to the previous window with a newly generated receiving address.‌

To copy the address into the clipboard you have to select it by clicking on it once and selecting the “Copy” button, or right-clicking it and choosing the “Copy Address” option.‌

Share this address with whomever you want to receive a payment from.‌

Once you receive a payment to one of your addresses, it will immediately appear in the Transactions tab:

You must back up your wallet file EVERY TIME you create a new receiving address, or you risk losing the funds received to that address.

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