Macintosh installation

This is the FIX wallet installation guide for Macintosh.

DO NOT use any other download locations as those do not guarantee that you will get a clean wallet that has not been tampered with.

  • Mount the downloaded .dmg file containing the FIX wallet by double-clicking it.

  • The Fix-CORE device will show up in the Finder sidebar and a window will open. If it doesn’t open, doubleclick on the Fix-CORE device.

  • DRAG the Fix CORE application to the Applications folder to install it.

  • Navigate to the Applications group in the Finder sidebar and look for the FIX-Qt application.

  • RIGHT-CLICK the FIX-Qt application and choose “Open” to run the wallet.

Double-clicking FIX-Qt to run the application WON’T WORK, because the file is from an unknown source.

  • The first time the program is launched, you will be asked where you want to store your wallet and blockchain data. Choose a location with enough free space as the files can take more space as the blockchain grows. It is recommended to use the default data folder if possible.

  • Initial startup might take a minute and once started wait for the wallet to fully synchronise before you start using it.

  • When the synchronisation is complete you will see a small green icon lighting up at the bottom right corner in your wallet:

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