Backing up and Restoring your wallet

In this guide we will show you how to backup and restore FIX wallet.

Backup :

This documentation describes how to safely back up your wallet file for safe storage in case your computer or laptop is damaged or lost. FIX Core stores all data necessary to control your FIX addresses in a single file called wallet.dat. This wallet is in the Berkeley DB format and stores the pairs of private/public cryptographic keys used to manage your balances on the FIX blockchain.

Backup from FIX core :

Firstly, never copy your wallet.dat file while FIX Core is open. Always use the File > Backup Wallet menu if the wallet is open.

When you select this menu item, a dialog box will appear to specify where the file should be saved. Enter a name for the file, select a location and click Save.

Backup by copying wallet.dat

If FIX Core is not running, you can also backup your wallet by simply copying the wallet.dat file to another location. This file is located in the FIX data folder. You were given the option to specify the location of this folder during installation, but by default the folder is in the following locations on different operating systems:

  • Windows


    You can access this folder directly by Windows Key + R and typing %APPDATA%\fix

  • Linux


    You can access this folder directly by typing cd ~/.fix at the terminal or ~/.fix in the path bar using the Go > Enter Location… menu item in Files

  • macOS

    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/FIX

    You can access this folder by typing cd ~/Library/Application Support/FIX at the terminal or ~/Library/Application Support/FIX in dialog at the Go > Go To Folder menu item in Finder

Ensure FIX Core is not running, then simply copy the wallet.dat file from this folder to another folder in the normal way for your operating system.

If you have masternodes you must also backup your masternode.conf file.

It's also a good idea to backup fix.conf since it contains your custom wallet settings.

Both files are in the same directory as your wallet.dat file.

Keep a backup of your wallet file on a usb drive in a location away from your computer.


To restore a backup, install FIX Core on the target system (or stop it, if already installed) and rename the existing wallet.dat file in the fix folder to wallet.old

Then copy the backup wallet file to the fix data folder and ensure it is named wallet.dat. Now, when you start FIX Core again, it will load the new wallet. Do not replace wallet.dat while FIX Core is running, since this will result in data corruption.

Do not forget to copy over masternode.conf and fix.conf if you backed them up.

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