Encrypting and locking/unlocking your wallet

After your wallet has synchronized with the FIX network, it is strongly advised to encrypt it with a password or passphrase to prevent unauthorized access.

  • To encrypt your wallet, click Settings > Encrypt Wallet.

  • You will be asked to enter and verify a password.

  • Enter a password and Confirm you want to encrypt your wallet. You should use a strong, new password that you have never used somewhere else.

Take note of your password and store it somewhere safe or you will be locked out of your wallet and lose access to your funds.

  • When the encryption process is complete, you will see a warning that past backups of your wallet will no longer be usable, and be asked to shut down FIX Core. When you restart FIX Core, you will see a small blue lock in the lower right corner.

Your wallet is now encrypted and you can now begin to use your wallet to safely send and receive funds.

Unlocking your wallet

When you start up your encrypted wallet it will be locked. You have to unlock it before you can send funds or stake your FIX. The unlocking process is rather straightforward:

Open the “Settings” menu and click on “Unlock Wallet”:

You can also click on the purple lock icon in the bottom right of the wallet to get to the next stage.

The purple lock icon visually shows if the wallet is locked or unlocked.

Hovering your mouse over it provides a tooltip telling you its status (encrypted/unencrypted, locked/unlocked and the type of unlocking).

In the next window, enter the passphrase you chose when encrypting the wallet to unlock it and either tick the checkbox or leave it unticked, depending on which type of unlocking you wish to perform.

There are two types of unlocking:

  • unlocking only for anonymization, automint and staking: this type lets you stake your FIX and receive stakes (tick the checkbox if you only want to stake FIX and do not need to make any transfers),

  • full unlocking permits all of the above and lets you send FIX (leave the checkbox unticked if you want to send FIX).

If you want to lock the wallet again, open the “Settings” menu and click on “Lock Wallet”, or click on the purple lock icon in the bottom right of the wallet.

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